Top 5 Bedroom Makeover Ideas

A lot of people do not like changing the layout of their bedroom and instead keep it the same for convenience, lack of inspiration or basic necessity. However, if you are thinking of a complete bedroom makeover, you should be willing to reorganize and rearrange your furniture. This way, you can give a new look to your room.


Mirrors can enhance the look of a bedroom in a variety of ways. They can add a bit of glam to a space, while helping to break up wallpaper or paint patterns. They can also be a great way to add a little bit of depth to the room.

Mirrors are also a great way to make a room feel larger. They are great for tricking the eye into believing that there’s a third window, making a room appear more spacious. In addition to their decorative effect, mirrors are also great for making a bold statement. Ornate or gilded mirrors can give a bedroom an opulent, glam look.

Area rugs

Area rugs for bedrooms can make an incredible impact on a room’s aesthetic. They add color and pattern to a room and can help you save money on carpeting. Some people use area rugs to cover an entire floor, while others use them to complement a particular color scheme. For instance, you can use a dark blue area rug next to a bed spread in light blue to add balance to the room’s color scheme.

Area rugs are perfect for bedrooms with a modern aesthetic. A soft velvet runner can add pizzaz to a room. Runners can also be layered over a large floor covering, which makes layering a great option. In this way, you’ll have endless decorative options and amplify the coziness factor of the space.


Using houseplants for bedroom makeover ideas can create a lush botanical garden. Especially if you like succulents and cacti, you can use these plants to decorate your headboard. You can also use hanging plants to decorate the area around your bed. The best idea, however, is to personalize the headboard.

Houseplants can also be placed on window sills for natural light to reach them. They are also good for creating a sense of privacy. For bedrooms with narrow windowsills, you may want to opt for larger shelves to accommodate plants. If you don’t have any space on your windowsill, consider buying small plants and placing them in decorative pots. They can instantly update your bedroom decor.

Wall art

Wall art is an excellent way to change the appearance of a bedroom. You can use chalkboard paint, which can be changed regularly, or vinyl stickers to create a pattern. Alternatively, you can use old windows to add architectural interest or a fun theme. You can also hang one piece of art above your bed, but make sure that it fits the size of the room and matches the color scheme.

For a bohemian-style bedroom, try putting up an art collage. You can create a collage by stacking framed works of art in a row. This will give the illusion of an uneven wall and can add a sense of chaos to the space. You can also hang books on the walls above the bed or create a shelf over your bed.


One of the best ways to declutter your bedroom is to get rid of old and unused furniture. Oftentimes, bedroom furniture is large and bulky, and this can make your room appear smaller than it really is. Instead, replace nightstands and bedside tables with floating shelves or a vertical storage solution. You can also declutter surfaces by using small lidded boxes on dressers and grooming spaces.

Next, you should clean the room thoroughly. Make sure to dust all surfaces, including windows, windowsills, blinds, and lighting. You also need to dust the floor, and shake any area rugs. Once everything is clean, you can make the bed, and organize your closets. Make sure that you have clean curtains and clean bed linens.

Lighting upgrades

Lighting is a critical component of any bedroom, and an even, well-lit bedroom can make your space feel larger than it is. Choosing the right lighting fixtures can also save space by minimizing wastage. For example, sconce lights or pendant lights installed in corners can make more space available for a desk.

Several designers recommend using several lights of lower wattage on dimmer switches to control lighting levels in different rooms. This will prevent glare while freeing up space for books and other important things. Also, layering overhead lighting can free up space around bedside tables and nightstands. Accent lighting is also an excellent choice to highlight artwork, photographs, and closets.

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