How to Repair Shingle Roof Leak

Even though asphalt shingles have the most recent advancements in weather-and wind-resistance and fire safety, they can still develop problems over time. An asphalt shingle roof is the most straightforward to repair. You may be able to fix your roof problem quickly if you follow the steps below.

Locate the Leak in Your Roof

Anywhere shingles are missing or caulking has been damaged, leaks can occur. Leakage can also occur at the end caps, which are the tent-shaped shingles that cover angular roof peaks.

Secure curled shingles

For example, if you have shingles that are curled back, you can re-secure them by applying a coat of asphalt roofing cement to the surface. To repair a leaky roof you will need to apply roofing cement generously to the underside to ensure that all corners and edges are secure.

Shingles are more flexible in warmer weather than they are when it is cold. This factor should be considered when dealing with problems.

Replace Any Damaged or Missing Shingles.

You can replace shingles if they are missing or cracked. Lift the shingles around the damaged shingle and remove the nails using a pry bar. The shingle should then slide out once the nails have been removed. Remove any cement residue from the roof. Level or remove protruding nails.

You should first trim the corners of the back of a shingle before you replace it. This will make it easier to slide the shingle underneath the one on the right and align it with the ones on the left. After it is in place, lift the edges of the overlapping roofing shingles to align the replacement. Secure each corner with nails. Finally, seal the corners with nails and then smoothen the edges of the shingles.

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