Home Cleaning Hacks For a Spotless House

Maintaining your house is one of the most essential tasks you can do. Unfortunately, keeping it tidy requires both effort and patience – two qualities which may not come naturally to you.

In an effort to make cleaning easier, we’ve rounded up some great home cleaning hacks. Not only will these save you time, but they’ll help ensure your house remains spotless!

2. Use An Extension Cord

Extension cords can help keep your house looking neat and organized. Whether you’re working on an electrical project or simply need to plug in some extra equipment, extension cords are a must-have item in any household.

Quality extension cords are constructed from durable materials and meet safety regulations. They should have a polarized plug and receptacle, grounded terminals, fusible links, residual current devices (also known as ground fault circuit interrupters or GFCIs), as well as an “on” indicator for added assurance.

If you’re uncertain of the proper use of an extension cord, consult your local electrician for advice. Damaged insulation, exposed wirings or burned sections are all indications that there may be an issue with the cord and require repair.

3. Don’t Forget Your Door Jambs and Light Plates

Door jambs are integral parts of your door frame, yet often forgotten when it comes to cleaning. They contain the mounting hinges, nuts and bolts that connect your doors to the frame – and can get pretty dirty over time!

However, there are a few steps you can take to make sure your door jambs look fantastic and don’t accumulate dirt. First, decide which type of paint was used on both doors and jambs.

Prior to cleaning your brushes or markers, it is essential to decide how and with what kind of cleaner you should use. For instance, latex-based paint requires a different approach than oil-based paint requires.

4. Dust Your Ceilings and Walls

Ceilings and walls can be particularly challenging to keep clean, yet they’re essential for maintaining a pristine home. Dusting them regularly not only eliminates allergens from your air, but it also makes surfaces appear cleaner and tidier. Additionally, eliminating stains makes surfaces appear neater and more appealing overall.

A quick sweep with a broom should clear away most cobwebs, and microfiber duster picks can be used to get into every crevice. If your ceilings are vaulted, using a ladder may help with cleaning beams and fans.

Once you’ve finished dusting, rinse the surfaces with a solution of dilute dish soap and water or no-rinse wall cleanser to avoid leaving streaks or drips. Doing this helps ensure there are no accidental drips or streaks and allows for testing the paint before fully washing them away.

5. Don’t Forget Your Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

When maintaining the cleanliness of your home, don’t forget to include ceiling fans and light fixtures. They often get overlooked when cleaning, yet these collect a lot of dust and debris which should be cleaned regularly.

Cleaning fan blades and light fixtures with a microfiber cloth, broom or disposable duster with an extendable handle is an effective way to get rid of cobwebs, dirt and dust mites that may cause allergic reactions in members of your family.

Consider installing a ceiling fan with light kit, which allows you to operate both the fan and light simultaneously. If your room doesn’t already have plenty of illumination, this will add an elegant touch and draw attention to the details.

Lorenzo Tierney

Lorenzo Tierney

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