Designing Your Kitchen Interior

A gabled skylight illuminates this kitchen and acts as the architectural crown in an otherwise small space. Designers have also embraced rounded corners, which help the room feel more welcoming and open.

Back kitchens (or sculleries) provide an ideal place for cleaning supplies and clutter to be concealed from view in the main living areas of a house, making a more functional living area overall. Designers have noticed more homeowners opt for back-kitchen designs that complement their overall home design aesthetics.


Cabinets form the cornerstone of a kitchen, providing essential structure and storage solutions to your space. Cabinets come in an assortment of styles, colors and sizes; making them an integral component in adding value to your home’s interior design.

Upper cabinets (commonly referred to as wall cabinets) are installed on the wall above a countertop and can be customized according to your kitchen size and practical requirements, from 12 inches deep standard depth models up to 80-inch high options.

Solid wood from trees such as oak, maple or hickory is the ultimate material for crafting durable and long-term cabinets; other affordable choices include plywood and MDF.

Modern kitchen cabinets with reflective surfaces are highly effective at increasing natural lighting in the room, creating the illusion that it is larger and brighter. There is also a range of specialty cabinets designed to minimize space wastage and make organizing your kitchen simpler.


Countertops are often the centerpiece of a kitchen and dictate other design choices such as backsplash, paint color and wall shelves. There are various kinds of countertops to choose from that range from sleek minimal styles to more decorative and functional ones; take into consideration factors like durability, stain resistance, hygiene and cost when making your selection.

Granite is one of the toughest countertop materials, providing a luxurious aesthetic in any cooking space. Plus, this material can stand up against heat and stain resistance – offering plenty of color options to fit most any style kitchen design!

Quartz, like granite, is nonporous and thus less vulnerable to stains and scratches; making it an easy option for homeowners who favor contemporary kitchen styles. It has also proven popular as a choice amongst architects.


Kitchen floors are one of the hardest-working surfaces in any room and should provide durability and moisture resistance. As with countertops and cabinetry, different materials may make appropriate kitchen floor covering choices such as ceramic tile, stone, cork wood bamboo.

Hardwood flooring adds natural charm and warmth to any kitchen. Although not ideal for long periods of standing, its durability means it can be refinished for a fresh new look over time.

Engineered wood can also be incorporated into kitchen design, although certain varieties may not be compatible with radiant heat systems. Solid wood offers another attractive choice but may warp or buckle under fluctuating humidity conditions; bamboo stands up better to moisture and comes in various colors and finishes – consider reclaimed elm wood for a rustic design option!


Lighting fixtures are one of the most crucial decisions when planning a kitchen remodel. A professional lighting designer can help you balance functional requirements with style preferences to design an aesthetically pleasing space that serves both purposes.

An effective kitchen lighting setup involves multiple layers of illumination. Task lights should focus on specific work areas such as countertops for food prep or in cabinet so you can see easily what supplies are stocked; accent lighting adds depth by emphasizing architectural or design features and can be accomplished using adjustable track and pendant lights, decorative wall sconces or hanging chandeliers.

LED strips that can be easily attached under wall cabinets for task lighting in the kitchen may provide ideal task illumination while also acting as accent lights during romantic dinners. Being dimmable, these LEDs allow for customized task illumination with soft hues for romantic dinners or general illumination purposes.



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