Creative Ways to Maximize Small Spaces

No matter if you are downsizing or living in a smaller space for any other reason, design choices can help create an atmosphere of spaciousness. Cool colors such as distance colors can visually expand rooms while built-ins provide extra storage without taking away from floor space.

Look for furniture pieces that serve multiple functions, like a desk chair that doubles as a nightstand and storage trunk that doubles as coffee table.

1. Use Mirrors

Home designs that are both stylish and effective often account for how space will be utilized, especially small spaces that may need constant changes to furniture arrangements. Being open-minded to trying different furniture arrangements periodically is key.

Decorating rooms with mirrors can be an excellent way to make them appear bigger. This design trick stems from Feng Shui teachings and works by reflecting natural light around the room, giving it an illusion of brightness throughout the day.

An artfully placed mirror near a window can bring natural light and greenery indoors, creating the feeling of an outdoor environment in a smaller space. Or use multiple mirrors hung together on a wall for an eye-catching gallery effect; mirror decoration provides an easy and cost-effective way to add style and functionality in small rooms; for instance doubling as coffee tables!

2. Invest in a Mirrored Cabinet

Decorating a small space requires striking the ideal balance between practicality and style. One way of accomplishing this goal is selecting furniture with multiple functions, like using a bench as both coffee table and seating in your living room – saving both space and money! Furthermore, furniture that doubles up as storage may also come in handy; an elegant side table equipped with shelves underneath can provide discreet storage space for items you don’t want on display.

Storage solutions should take advantage of vertical space. Installing shelves inside closet doors is an efficient and stylish way to gain extra storage without taking up additional square footage; this method can especially come in handy in kitchens or bathrooms for storing essentials like spices, mugs and towels.

Mirrors can make any small space appear larger visually by reflecting light or breaking up visual clutter; strategically placed mirrors can offer many design solutions.

3. Create a Floating Shelving System

Floating shelves installed with concealed brackets are an efficient and stylish solution for creating space on underused walls. From kitchens storing utensils and pots to bedrooms stowing away clothing or living rooms displaying artwork or collectibles such as trophies, these floating shelves can help transform underutilized areas into storage and display areas.

Note that floating shelves should always be suspended over studs to ensure their strength and avoid sagging or collapsing over time. Furthermore, heavy items should be placed near either end of the shelf to evenly distribute weight distribution.

To enhance the visual appeal of a floating shelf display, consider including elements of height variation and an appealing color scheme to create an engaging and dynamic presentation that’s both useful and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Paint Your Walls White

Paint colors can make any space seem larger. When choosing the ideal hue for your home, be mindful of its undertones, light reflectivity and maintenance requirements when selecting its hue.

White walls allow your furniture and decorative items to stand out without competing for attention with each other. Furthermore, their neutral hue blends in seamlessly with trim and baseboards for an upscale appearance that makes ceilings seem taller.

Enhance floor space by opting for furniture with hidden functions, like wall sconces instead of bulky table lamps and floating shelves instead of cumbersome bookcases. Even wall-mounted washer and dryer units can free up precious floor space as a fold station or place for you to do homework.

If you want to add some contrast between neutral hues of white, opt for an accent wall in a vibrant color as an eye-catcher. Just one wall painted in a vibrant hue will bring just enough visual interest and comfort into small spaces.

Lorenzo Tierney

Lorenzo Tierney

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